KeyKeg technology.
Plastic KEG has many significant advantages over traditional metal containers. First of all, thanks to the KEG device, beer has no contact with the gas which is used for extruding beer from the barrel. Due to this CO2 quality does not affect the taste of beer. As there is no excessive aeration of beer a consumer receives the beer exactly as it was cooked in the brewery. Secondly, this decision is economically feasible. The problem of returning empty KEGs to a supplier is easily solved, and unlike metal KEG, beer from the "KeyKeg" is dispensed to the last drops. And finally, this new development can significantly increase the shelf life of beer, both in closed KEGs (up to one year) and in already connected ones. According to the results of our experiments, a connected KEG can be kept for more than three weeks, while a traditional one can be stored one week maximum.

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